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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning -

Mid July, 2009 - last week of July, 2009:

The last two weeks of July can be hot in the afternoons. You may be better off
fishing early in the mornings, resting during the early afternoons and fishing
again late in the afternoons and early evenings.

Madison River below Hebgen Lake should be hot provided the flows
are normal. There should be some PMDs around and some Slate Cream Duns
(Yellow Quills) (
Epeorus) mayflies around. Spotted Sedges and Short-horned
Sedges will be around to provide some evening action.

The Yellowstone River will open for fishing below the lake on the 15th. The
banks and water will be crowded in the Nez Perce area. There will be some large
cutthroats caught even though the quantities of them don't match that of a few
years ago.

Soda Butte Creek, Slough Creek and the Larmar River should fish well
provided there has been no recent downpours from large thunderstorms. You
will have to check on that with the local fly shops. Conditions can change in a
few hours from good water to high, muddy water. There should still be some
Gray Drakes on the water near the middle of the month in Slough but the main
bugs will be the PMDs anda few caddisflies. Terrestrial insects, beetles, ants
and hoppers will begin to play a big role on these three streams. The later in the
month it is - the better the terrestrial fishing should get.  

Gallatin River should still be fishing great. The water in the Gallatin is the
coldest in the park and cool evening during the hot days of July. PMDs and
Caddisflies should be the main bugs to concentrate on.

Gardner River should continue to fish well. The hatches will be somewhat
less than they were during the first of the month but there will still be some
caddisflies and a couple of species of mayflies around. Terrestrials will play a
role later in the month of July.

All of the small streams inside the park such as
Grayling Creek, Fan Creek,  
Blacktail Deer Creek, Middle River, Upper Gardner River,  Lava Creek
and Nez Perce Creek
will fish well. The small streams near the park, such as
Boulder River, Stillwater River, Teton River and Shoshone River  will
fish well. The
Lewis and Snake Rivers inside the park will have plenty of
terrestrials around and maybe even some flying ants by the end of the month.

The meadow sections of the
Bechler River and the Falls River will fish well in
the Southwest corner of the park. Don't overlook these streams (or the biting
bugs there) as many often do. The fast water sections will also provide plenty of
action from the smaller to medium size fish.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh