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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning -

First week of July, 2009 - second week of July, 2009:

The first two weeks of July is normally about as good of a time to fish the greater
Yellowstone area as you can select. Everyone seems to know that because the
crowds of anglers will be about as large as they get.

The big Salmonflies should be underway somewhere on the
Madison River
below Hebgen Lak
e. The hatch usually is over about the end of the first week
or ten days of July but this can vary year to year. It will start downstream above
Ennis earlier and move up river each day. There should be a lot of caddisflies
on the water anywhere you go on the Madison. The big Green Drakes will be
there in some areas and there may be a few Flavs that show up in places.
Terrestrials will begin to work well before the middle of the month.

The Railroad Ranch on the Henry's Fork of the Snake should be fishing
good. Flavs and several different species of caddisflies should be the hatches
that occur during this time. The Green Drake hatch should be over by the first
week of July.

Soda Butte Creek, Slough Creek and the Larmar River should clear up
and be hot during the first week of July. Fishing can be great at this time. Some
Gray Drakes may be around on Slough. By the second week you can usually
count of terrestrials to provide some action. Ants, beetles and hoppers will begin
to work fine before the middle of the month.

Gallatin River should be in its prime with lots of caddisflies and PMDs
hatching. The Salmonfly hatch should be over or near ending.

Gardner River should be fishing great during this period. Salmonflies and
Golden Stoneflies should be around in good numbers.

All the rivers around the park should start fishing great during this time. The
small streams inside the park such as
Blacktail Deer Creek will get as good as
they get. The small streams near the park, such as the
Boulder River,
Stillwater River
and Shoshone River, for example, will fish well. The Middle
and the Lewis and Snake Rivers inside the park will come into the
fishing scene during the first two weeks of July. The biggest problem you will
have during this time period is deciding where to fish. About anywhere you go
other than the Firehole and Madison Rivers in the park should be great.  

Copyright 2009 James Marsh