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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning -

Second week of June, 2009 - last week of June, 2009:

You can still usually count on the Firehole River. Caddisflies should be
consistent producers. The little Short-horned Sedges, Spotted Sedges and the
Long Horn White Flies should be hatching. PMDs should be the prime mayfly to
be concerned with. Good fishing in the Firehole will last only a short time.

Madison River in the park should continue to fish good for another week
or two. PMDs and Blue-winged Olives are the top two mayflies. Short-horned
Sedges and Spotted Sedges should be hatching.

Gibbon River should be good. PMDs, Blue-winged Olives, Little Yellow
Stoneflies and Golden Stoneflies (below the falls) should be hatching. The
meadow sections of the Gibbon should also be fishing very well.

Gallatin River in the park and below the park should begin to get good.
Outside of the park you can expect some good Salmonfly fishing in the pocket
water to start before the month ends.

The Northeast Section of the Park, including
Slough Creek, Soda Butte
Creek and the Lamar River
should begin to clear up. The action could start
before the end of the month but you will need to keep a close check on it.

Gardner River will just be getting started and the Salmonflies may make
an appearance before the month ends.

The opening day for the World famous
Railroad Section of the Henry's Fork
opens the 15th of June. PMDs, Blue-winged Olives and some caddisflies should
be hatching. Before the month ends, the Green Drakes should start hatching.

Madison River below Quake Lake should continue to fish well. PMDs
and Blue-winged Olives along with some caddisflies should still be hatching. The
Giant Salmonflies will begin to show up and move upstream all the way from
Ennis. The nymphs will be the main thing to focus on.

All in all, the last two weeks of June can be great. The crowds are not a huge as
they will be the first week or two of July and the fish will be cooperating in
Yellowstone County somewhere for certain.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh