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Greater Yellowstone Area Trip Planning:

Most everything we have written about Yellowstone has been to do with the
Yellowstone National Park. After all, that is the name and prime theme of our
website. We have written articles about the fishing in other streams in the
general area of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho but we have not focused on the
time of year or seasonal trends or changes in those streams.

Most anglers visit Yellowstone with only one thing in mind - to catch a lot of big
fish. They are not concerned about whether or not it is in the park. They can
and will purchase fishing license to fish where the fishing is good. We have
always known that but we have not presented information in that regard. We
have stuck with fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park's fly fishing season begins this month in just a few
days. Anglers will begin to show up in West Yellowstone, Montana; the Island
Park Area of Idaho; Gardiner, Montana; Paradise Valley; Jackson, Wyoming and
other places to start the season. They will not be concerned about any
boundaries. They will go where they think they can catch trout.

In the coming days we will focus on what the normal trend is in terms of what
usually happens and where it usually happens. Although it is possible to catch
fish now in parts of the Greater Yellowstone Area, we will begin on the opening
day of fishing season in Yellowstone National Park. This year the last Saturday
of May is on May 30th. The season opens May 23rd or about a week early.

Our Greater Yellowstone Trip Planning series of articles will begin with the first
and foremost question - "where is the best place to fish?".

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