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New "Perfect Fly" Damselfly Nymph

The Damselfly is a stillwater insect that is also found in streams with slow moving
water. The insects prefer water with lots of vegetation. That is where they hide
to catch the food they eat. The Madison, Firehole, Gibbon, Yellowstone, Bechler
and other rivers in Yellowstone National Park have these insects as well as all
the lakes.

The best time to fish imitations of the nymph is just prior to or during a hatch.
When the nymphs begin to hatch into an adult they swim to the shore beneath
the surface of the water. They usually swim within a few inches of the surface,
not in the deeper water. That is what you want to try to imitate during a hatch.

Nymph Presentation:
You can also fish imitations of the Damselfly nymphs anytime of the season. You
should present the fly in and around the shoreline vegetation. In some cases,
depending on the level of vegetation in the stream, you may be able to work the
nymph over submerged weed beds or grass beds.

It is best to add some action to the fly by slowing stripping it in with twitches of
the line. A slight flicker of the tip of the rod also seems to help add a swimming
action to the fly. The "Perfect Fly" Damselfly Nymph has a lot of built-in action
but it may help to add to it during the retrieve.

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