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New "Perfect Fly" Dragonfly Nymph

The Dragonfly is a stillwater or slow moving stream insect. Several streams in
Yellowstone National Park have these insects. The
Madison River is full of
them. So is the
Firehole and Gibbon Rivers. The Yellowstone River below
the lake has a lot of them.

Some species can live up to four years. The nymphs can dart about in the
water. They are especially plentiful where there is a large amount of aquatic

Nymph Presentation:
You want to imitate the darting motion the large nymph use to move around in
the water. Some quick strips of the fly may help especially when you are fishing
areas of open water in grass or weed beds.

The best way to catch trout on the nymphs is to sight fish for cruising fish. When
you spot one, cast well ahead and let the fly go to the bottom and lie still. When
the trout approaches it, make a flick of the rod tip to draw attention to the fly.
Just wait for the trout to get to the fly or past it. It may not take the fly until it is
directly over and even with it and may do so with a sudden movement.

You can also fish the nymph using a full sinking line. Use a slow hand twist
retrieve.  At times the trout may take the fly very lightly using this method. You
have to pay attention to the line to detect the strikes.

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