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Fly Fishing the Gardner River - Fishing Tales - Part 8

We have not covered one of the main tributary streams of the Gardner River.
Lava Creek enters the Gardner just downstream of the high bridge on the
Mammoth to Canyon Grand section of the Loop Road. You will cross over Lava
Creek just east of the Upper and Lower Undine Falls pullout.

The lower section flows through a deep canyon and into the Gardner River. It is
pocket water with a mixture of several species of fish. The upper part, above
Upper Undine Falls is a moderately flowing brook trout stream. It is almost like
the lower Gardner River in that most anglers just drive right past it. Of course
they are usually headed or returning from the great fishing in the Yellowstone
River, Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek or the Lamar River. That is usually the
case with Angie and I. The difference is that we usually stop at Larva Creek, and
sometimes the Blacktail Deer Creek a few miles on up the road, to catch a few
brook trout. I have never seen another angler fishing Lava Creek although I am
sure they do.

Sometimes pictures may describe the fishing and the beauty of the stream
better than anything else so I will leave you with this image of a brook trout
caught within fifty feet of our vehicle at the Larva Creek Bridge.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
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