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Fly Fishing the Gardner River - Fishing Tales - Part 6

Another place we have fished the Gardner River with some success is near the
Sheapeater Canyon Bridge. This the very high bridge that crosses the canyon
about a mile and a half east of Mammoth. There are places to park on both
ends of the bridge. It is a steep walk down to the river from either side.

Although this area is probably less fished that the lower section along the North
Entrance Road, it doesn't seem to provide any better fishing. We have only
fished it upstream for about a half mile a few times and downstream even less.

There is a lot of water in the Gardner River from the Sheapeater Canyon Bridge
to the bridge at the 45th Parallel Sign. We have fished part of that stretch
upstream from the bridge as well as from the Larva Creek Trail that runs along
part of the river. I have already mentioned the great fishing during the Salmonfly
hatch in the lower part of this section. We have not fished this hatch in the
portion of the Gardner above the Sheapeater Canyon Bridge.

We have fished the Larva Creek tributary to the Gardner many times but not
below the Undine Falls. That is probably another good area that is certainly less
fished. I will cover the fine brook trout fishing in Larva Creek later.

The next closest place we have fished the river is at Jofle Lake. I don't write
much about lake fishing in Yellowstone Park even though we have done quite a
bit of it. This little lake is not really a part of the Gardner but it does flow into
Glenn Creek, a small tributary of the Gardner. We have driven down to the lake
a few times. One time we caught a huge
Callibaetis (Speckled Wing Quill) hatch
occurring at the lake. We ended up spending more time video tapping the bugs
than we did fishing. Jofle lake and Glenn Creek have a lot of small brook trout.
The lake is suppose to have some nice size brook trout but we have not caught
any over six or eight inches long there. That is probably only because we have
fished it very little.

Above Osprey Falls (on the Gardner River) there is a lot of water you can easily
fish but it doesn't have the same size fish that you find on the lower end of the
river. It is possible to take a non-official trail down into the canyon from the
Sheapeater Picnic Area to get to the lower part of the canyon but we have not
taken that route.

You can fish much of the Gardner River from the picnic area. We have done
quite a bit of fishing in the area above the canyon section and I will get into that
tomorrow. There is so much fishing available on the lower end of the Gardner
River, other than the uppermost part of the river above the falls, we have never
had much incentive to explore the other, difficult to access parts of the river.  

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