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Fly Fishing the Gardner River - Fishing Tales - Part  5

As mentioned in yesterday's article, I will provide another tale of success along
the same section of the lower part of the Gardner River. This trip took place in
early July when the water had just cleared from runoff. It was still a little cold
(about the mid to upper forties) for great surface action.  .

After we realized the trout were not going to take our dry fly, even our "Perfect
Fly" March Brown Duns and Emergers, we switched over to a tandem rig.
Knowing this areas always has a lot of grasshoppers, we put a large sandwich
grasshopper (for a strike indicator) and dropped our "Perfect Fly" Green Sedge
Larva imitation (Rock Worm) about eighteen inches below the hopper. The area
has some riffles and this rig kept the larva either bouncing along on the bottom
or just off the bottom in most places we fished it.  
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