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Fly Fishing the Gardner River - Fishing Tales - Part  4

One of the very best days we have had on the lower section of the Gardner
River near the North Entrance to the park was during the latter part of July. We
fished the area of the river where the grade or decline of the stream isn't as
steep as it is in most places. This area is located not far below the bridge at the
45 Parallel. It is easy to identify because it is one of the few areas where the
river looks more like a meadow stream than pocket water. Very high grass line
the banks of the stream.

The grass was full of grasshoppers. We video taped several different species
and sizes of them when we first started fishing. There were brown ones, green
ones, yellow ones and grasshoppers of about every color that exist. I have
never seen that large of a variety of hoppers before. If you tried to wade
through the high grass (and you had to in some areas) you would spook
hundreds of them.

As I usually do, I caught some and tossed them into the water. The first one got
smacked by a trout, so I tied on a hopper. The action was fast and furious. The
trout would take the fly on almost every cast. It was book perfect terrestrial
insect fishing.

I usually fish this type of water in an upstream direction. I place my first cast a
short ways out in the stream and work each sequent cast towards the bank. The
third or fourth cast is usually placed right against the bank. This procedure
worked great that day. When that sequence of cast is made, I just move
upstream three or four feet and repeat the same procedure. That particular day,
I caught a trout on the average of about every fifth cast.

I am not going to claim that fishing this stretch is always like that during the
summer because we tried it many times the following several years. It usually
provided good fishing, but never like it did that one summer day. I have also
fished it in late August thinking it may be that good but with very little success. I
am not sure why the mixed results occurred. I have seen a few other guys
fishing the stream in that location. It could be pressure but I really don't think so.
As I said in a previous article, most anglers pass the stream up for other
streams in the park. My theory is most anglers just can't comprehend that the
fishing could be good just inside the park along a busy road.

There is another way we have fished this same stretch of water very
successfully in early July. I will get into that tomorrow.

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