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Fly Fishing the Yellowstone River - Fishing Tales - Part  6

The only place that I have fished the canyon area of the Yellowstone River (and
it actually isn't he Canyon area) is the bottom end of it near the bridge on the
Northeast Entrance road that goes from Canyon to Cooke City. It is a fairly
steep walk down to the river from the road but it is well worth a little effort. The
Yellowstone River is strictly pocket water in this area. You can fish the river up
or downstream from the access at the bridge on both side of the river.

We have fished this area several times and when the water levels were not high,
we have always caught fish. Later in the summer, the water usually drops and
the river slows down some. It is fast pocket water that offers great fishing at

We have used a variety of flies and methods of fishing this area. Some of the
time we have had to resort to nymphs but other times we have done well on the
surface with dry flies. I have only been at this location one time when the
salmonflies were hatching. Needless to say, the fishing was great. Both Golden
Stoneflies and Salmonflies were present.

The other area I have fished in this general area is from the Yellowstone River
trailhead. It is about a mile hike but the trail takes you down to the Yellowstone
River. In fact, the Yellowstone River trail runs the entire length of the river all the
way to Gardner. As soon as you reach the river on the trail you will start to see
some trails that anglers have made down to the river. The trail is high above the
river but you can get down to it in two places I have tried and probably several
other locations.

Unless you are a youngster or more of a hiker than I care to be, this is one of
the few places you can get to the Black Canyon and back in a day. Getting
there and back in a day with a camera including fishing for a few hours is about
all I want to try to handle. We have made this short hike a couple of times and
managed to catch several trout both times. I couldn't say the fishing was any
better than it is at the access at the bridge not far from there. It probably
depends on the time of the season, hatches and the water levels. We managed
to catch them in this location on dry flies. Both trips were made (two different
years) during August. The water was in good shape both times. Getting there is
a much bigger problem than catching the cutthroats. They don't seem picky at
all. Both times we were able to catch them on dry flies when nothing was

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