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Fly Fishing the Yellowstone River - Fishing Tales - Part  3

Buffalo Ford, now called Nez Perce Ford, wasn't exactly incorrectly named after
buffalo. A few years ago, a few guys who managed to cross the river found out
that fishing the other side of the river wasn't a smart thing to do that particular
day. Angie and I video taped a buffalo trotting down the opposite side of the
river chasing this one man in waders. He quickly determined that he could not
outrun the animal and jumped in the river. The problem was, there was no
gravel bar there and he was up to his elbows in water. The buffalo ran up to the
point he departed the trail, kicked up a little dust and proceeded to mosey on up
the trail. The man was able to make it back out of the Yellowstone River.

A few days latter, Angie and I discovered some better places to fish the
Yellowstone upstream from Nez Perce Ford. Angie was running camera and I
was out in the river catching a cutthroat every once in a while when I noticed a
buffalo approaching her from her blind side. I, as well as another angler who
spotted the bison, began to yell for her to run. I headed to the bank as fast as I
could as she hurriedly moved away from the tripod downstream. The buffalo
stopped about twenty yards from the tripod, so I slowly walked on up to get the
camera. I just felt like it wasn't in a very safe position. About the time I got the
camera released from the tripod, the buffalo decided to trot on towards me. I ran
downstream as fast as I could for about twenty yards where I tripped and fell to
the ground hard. The buffalo proceeded just past the tripod to the edge of the
river and proceeded to take a drink of water. I suppose all it wanted was a drink
and we were just in its way.

I had managed to get back on my feet and walk a few yards farther downstream
when I looked down at the camera. The remote microphone receiver was broken
off of it and was hanging by the cable. As it turned out, that was the only
damage ($about 400.00 worth) and everything (except my left knee) was fine.

The bison remind me of bulls. You just never know what they are going to do.
There is one thing about them that I am certain of. They could care less what
you or anyone else does. If you happen to be in their way, you are not in a very
safe position.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
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