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Fly Fishing the Yellowstone River - Part 3
Below Yellowstone Lake - Nez Perce Ford to Larmar River

Below Nez Perce Ford, the river flows by Sulfur Caldron through a section of
rapids and into Hayden Valley where it makes some huge curves across the
open grassy valley. This section is about six miles long and closed to fishing. It
is usually full of wildlife consisting of a wide variety of animals and birds. This
area ends at Alum Creek. From Alum Creek to near Chittenden Bridge it is
possible to fish the river again. Just below the bridge, the Yellowstone River
goes over the Upper falls. You do not want to get too close to the bridge  
because the current increases to closer you get to the bridge.

The next opportunity to fish the Yellowstone River comes downstream of the
Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. This canyon section is
about fifteen miles long and ends at the confluence of the Lamar River, the
largest tributary stream of the Yellowstone within the park. The river drops about
1200 feet from above the Upper Falls to a point a few miles downstream of the
Lower Falls. There is no place to fish it upstream of what is called the Seven
Mile Hole. To fish there you must hike down and back up a 1200 foot steep
decline. It requires about a five mile hike including the steep decline.

There is no place to fish the river again until you get near the lower end of the
canyon. Its steep cliff like walls make that impossible. The next practical place is
a few areas above the Northeast Entrance Road. It is possible to fish an area of
the Yellowstone near Agate Creek but it is only a short section and requires
about a six mile hike that starts out on the Specimen Ridge Trail off the
Northeast Entrance Road. There is a closer area that requires a short hike
called the Sulfur Beds off the same trail. You can also fish an area of the
Yellowstone near the mouth of Tower Creek, below Tower Falls that is across
the Yellowstone River from the Sulfur Beds area. Another practical area to fish
the Yellowstone is where the bridge crosses the Northeast Entrance Road. It is a
short but steep decline down to the river. You can fish both up and down the
river a short ways.

Below the confluence of the Lamar River, the Yellowstone River goes into what
is called the Black Canyon. Basically the river stays from one to four miles from
the road all the way to the end of the Black Canyon but there are several places
you can access it from the road with a moderate hike.

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