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Planning Your Trip To Yellowstone - Other Places To Fish - Part 3

There is no place in the World with as many trout streams and lakes that are
available to the public to fish as Yellowstone National Park. That is not
considering the many great trout streams that are located nearby, some of
which flow from Yellowstone National Park. This is  a short summary of some of
those streams.

Some Rivers in Wyoming and Idaho Not Too Far From the Park in
Western Miles:


Shoshone River:
The North Fork of the Shoshone River starts very close the Yellowstone
National Park. The South Fork is fairly close to the park. The Middle River, or
some call it Middle Creek, flows out of the park into the Shoshone River. It flows
along the highway to Cody and beyond. There is some great trout fishing in the
Shoshone all the way past Cody.

Buffalo Fork:
The Buffalo River, North Buffalo Fork and the South Buffalo Fork, is a tributary
of the Snake River. It flows from the Grand Teton Mountains and enters the
Snake near Jackson, Wyoming.

Gros Ventre:
The Gros Ventre River's headwaters is in the Gros Ventre Mountain Range.
They form much of the eastern boundary of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. .It is a swift
medium-sized freestone river with lots of pocket water. The trout average a
small size, about 10 inches on the average.


Teton River:
The Teton River flows from the west side of the Tetons and eventually enters
the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The upper part flows through the Teton
Basin near Driggs, Idaho. The lower part flows through a canyon. This is an
excellent fishery with some very good size trout.

Warm River:
The Warm River is located west of Ashton, Idaho. It is a spring creek or river
that is tributary of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. It's upper headwaters is  
starts near Yellowstone National Park. The river is about 26 miles long and has
some very nice native trout.

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