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Planning Your Trip To Yellowstone - Other Places To Fish - Part 2
There is no place in the World with as many trout streams and lakes that are available to the
public to fish as Yellowstone National Park. That is not considering the many great trout
streams that are located nearby, most of which flow from Yellowstone National Park. This is  
a short summary of some of those streams.

Some Rivers in Montana Not Too Far From the Park in Montana Terms:

Yellowstone River:
The Yellowstone River is 678 miles long. Granted, not all of that has trout but
the portion of the river that lies in the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park is
just part of it. Basically, downstream from Billings Montana the fish are mostly
warm water species, with the exception of the intersection of the Bighorn River.
From Yellowstone Park to Livingston (about 40 miles) float fishing is great. It
passes through Paridise Valley. The section from Livingston to Big Timber offers
additional float trips. The trout fishing continues from Big Timber to near Billings.

Ruby River:
The Ruby River is a  medium size river located not very far from the Madison
River. It has a freestone section and a tailwater section. The total river length is
about 103 miles but most of the water is on private property. The upper
headwaters are on public land. There are some areas below Ruby Reservoir
that you can fish.

Boulder River:
The Boulder River starts in the Absaroka and Beartooth mountains, not a great
distance from the northern park boundary, and flows north until it reaches the
Yellowstone river. This is a great little river to fish that doesn't have a lot of
pressure from anglers. It is a good place to catch a lot of trout. They are mostly
on the small side but they can provide a lot of fast action.

Stillwater River:
The Stillwater is another river that starts in the Absaroka and Beartooth
mountain range. Its waters are everything but still. It is a fast, pocket water
stream especially in its uppermost part. It upper headwaters are own public land
for the first twenty miles. Below that you need to locate the designated fishing
access areas.

Clarks Fork River:
The Clarks Fork River flows between the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountain
Ranges. It starts just outside of Yellowstone National Park on the east side not
far from Cooke City. Part of this river is classified as wild and scenic. The upper
part near Cooke City is a popular fishing area and the part below the Box
Canyon is popular. Like most fastwater streams of this type, the Clarks Fork has
mostly small fish. By the way, there are two rivers in Montana with about the
same name. The other is the huge Clarke's Fork River that flows along
interstate 90 for many miles.

Rock Creek:
There are two Rock Creeks in Montana. This one flows from the Absaroka and
Beartooth Mountain Range North through Red Lodge. The uppermost 15 miles
above Red Lodge is full of small cutthroats and brook trout. There can be a lot
of whitewater folks floating the upper part during the summer.  Below Red Lodge
the fish are mostly brown and rainbow trout but most of the land it flows through
is private.

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