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Planning Your Trip To Yellowstone - Other Places To Fish

There is no place in the World with as many trout streams and lakes that are
available to the public to fish as Yellowstone National Park. That is not
considering the many great trout streams that are located nearby, most of which
flow from Yellowstone National Park. This is a short summary of some of those

Madison River:
The Madison River in the park is just a short section of the river. The great river
flows for 140 miles from its beginning to its junction with the Gallatin and
Jefferson Rivers or the beginning of the Missouri River. It provides great trout
fishing for most of its length. It also includes several lakes such as Hebgen,
Quake and Ennis Lakes.

Gallatin River:
The Gallatin River inside the park is just a short section of its headwaters. Most
of this river lies outside the park. It flows for a total length of 115 miles.
Twenty-five miles of this is located inside the park. It provides great trout fishing
for just about its entire length. As mentioned above, it joins the Jefferson and
Madison Rivers at Three Forks Montana to form the Missouri River.

Snake River:
The Snake River is only 1040 miles long. It starts inside Yellowstone National
Park and flows through part of Wyoming and into Idaho where it is called the
South Fork of the Snake River. The South Fork flows into the Henry's Fork of
the Snake River which is also within driving distance of Yellowstone National
Park. I doubt any river in the World offers more fine trout fishing than the Snake

Falls River:
The Falls River flows from the Southwestern corner of the park to eventually join
the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. It has trout its entire length.

Middle River:
Middle River is a small river that flows from the Eastern side of Yellowstone park
into the Shoshone River just outside the park. The Shoshone River provides
excellent trout fishing for many miles.

Yellowstone River:
To be continued tomorrow

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