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Planning Your Trip to Yellowstone - Part 13

Flies You Need
I wanted to let you know that we have recently added links and pictures of all the
flies you would need to fish Yellowstone for the entire season added to our
"Flies" section of the website. If you click on flies on the menu above or
Here, you will see a lot of information regarding how to go about selecting flies,
hatch charts, examining the water and other general information.

If you click on any particular group of insects such as mayflies, caddisflies,
stoneflies, midges, or terrestrials you will see the flies we recommend for each
insect that hatches in Yellowstone waters of any importance. We also have a
"streamer" category for flies that imitate sculpin, leeches, baitfish, etc.

You can purchase a specific imitation of any of the insects, or other trout foods,
at any stage of life that the trout are likely to feed on. It provides the hook sizes
and pictures of the flies. All the images are thumbnails. Click on any picture
(image) and it will expand to a larger size image of the fly. At the bottom of each
insect or trout food, there is a link that connects to our "Perfect Fly" website
where you can easily order them online.
We have the most complete
selection of flies in existence for Yellowstone.

Ordering Flies Near the Time of Your Trip;
Starting near the opening of the fishing season, we will post a  "Flies you will
need" list for all the insects that will be hatching in the very near future as of that
particular date. This list will be updated as often as anything is about to change.
That will let you order the flies you need in advance and have plenty of time to
receive them.
We ship all orders out the same day the order is received if
it comes in before 2:00 PM CST on a weekday. There is no shipping cost to
U. S. locations.

Ordering Flies Well In Advance of Your Trip:
If you want to order flies for your trip well in advance of departing, but you don't
really know what to buy or have with you, just give us a
call (865-908-0048),
send us an email -
sales@www.perfectflystore.com and we will select them for
you. Of course you can use our
hatch charts for the various streams in
Yellowstone National Park and select and order them yourself. Just select the
stream by clicking on it and select them for the dates you will be there. This is
an example of flies for the
Firehole River, for example. Just click on any insect
hatching at the time you will be there and you can order them straight from the
hatch chart.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh