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Planning Your Fly Fishing Trip to Yellowstone - Part 12

Where To Stay During Your Fishing Trip

In this section, I will try to summarize the streams that will be close by when you
choose the various areas to stay. Of course you can determine this fairly quickly
from a map. This is the map provided by the Yellowstone National Park website.
Click on the "view map" prompt just under heading.

Gardiner, Montana and the Paradise Valley Area:
The little town of Gardiner is close (joins) to the North Entrance to the park. It is
convenient to the Black Canyon section of the Yellowstone River.  The Gardiner
River terminates at the Yellowstone River at Gardiner. It is also fairly close to the
upper Gibbon River. It is the closest town with very many facilities to the
Northeast Corner of the park - the Lamar Valley drainage, although it is not very

Cooke City, Wyoming and Red Lodge Area:
Cooke City is just outside of the park's Northeast Entrance. It has all the
necessary facilities but they are limited. I would suggest getting reservations well
in advance for this small town. Red Lodge is a good distance from Cooke City
but an option you may want to consider. From Red Lodge to Cooke City is one
of the most beautiful drives in the entire western United States. Cooke City is the
most convenient place to stay to fish Slough Creek, Pebble Creek, Soda Butte
Creek, and the Lamar River. It is also fairly close to the Black Canyon and the
Grand Canyon sections of the Yellowstone River.

Cody, Wyoming:
Cody is quite a distance (about 50 miles) from Yellowstone National Park but it is
the closest major town or city to the East Entrance. There are a few locations
nearer the park between Cody and the East Entrance but they have very limited
facilities. There are several guest lodges and ranches in the area. The East
Entrance is close to the Middle River, the upper part of the Yellowstone River
and Yellowstone Lake, as well as Clear, Cub, Sedge and Pelican Creeks.

Jackson, Wyoming:
Jackson is the closest town of any size to the South Entrance to Yellowstone
National Park. You do have to travel through Grand Teton National Park to get
there from Jackson Hole. You can easily access the Snake and Lewis Rivers
from the South Entrance. It would be the closest area to access the Upper
Yellowstone River Headwater areas of the park although that requires a long
hike or horse back trip. It is possible to access the Falls River and Bechler River
from the Jackson area although it is quite a ways. Neither river is actually very
close to anything.  

West Yellowstone, Montana:  
West Yellowstone is the most convenient place to stay if you plan on fishing the
Madison drainage area consisting of the Madison River, Firehole River and
Gibbon River. It is also the closest town to the Gallatin River as well as Grayling
Creek and Duck Creek.  

This map will help you get your bearing around the park from a "getting there"

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