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Planning Your Fly Fishing Trip to Yellowstone - Part 9

October to End of Season

The fishing season in Yellowstone National Park extends through and includes
the first Sunday in November. October can be one of the best times to fish the
park provided you will put up with ever changing weather. It can be nice and
warm or it can be cold and snowing hard. There is no way to predict the
conditions very far in advance so if you go, you better allow some spare time for
bad weather.

Now don't get this wrong. There is no better time to fish than when it is snowing
lightly. Often these conditions brings about some huge blue-winged olive
hatches. On the other hand, if the temperatures happen to drop down to zero
and the wind was blowing hard, just for example, it would not be very
comfortable to fish to say the least.

This is the best time of the season to catch large brown trout. The browns move
out of Hebgen Lake and back into the Madison River during late September. If
the majority of them haven't returned to the river by the first of October, it will
not be long before they do.

The brown trout and lake trout will move out of Lewis Lake into the Lewis
Channel to spawn during late September and early October. This can also be
one of the best areas to fish during this time period. Some of the large brown
trout will move out of the Yellowstone River up into the Gardner River during late
September and early October. This gives anglers fishing the Northeastern
section of the park a shot at a large brown trout.

The first couple of weeks in October can provide the best fishing for the entire
season. There will not be very many visiting anglers. For the most part, the only
competition you will have for a spot on the water is local anglers.

The best fishing is probably on the Madison River during this time but the best
areas of the river to catch large brown trout may be crowded. The fish tend to
congregate in the large, deeper holes in the river as they move upstream. Spots
such as the Barns Holes can be crowded to the point anglers take turns fishing.
That is not exactly my style of fishing and I avoid those places but, I will say that
at times, there are some very large trout caught from these famous holes. There
are a lot of places you can catch the large browns although some of them in the
lower part of the Madison in the park may require a short hike. These fish will
move all the way up the Madison River and as far as the waterfalls on both the
Gibbon River and the Firehole River.

Anglers typically use large nymphs, streamers and soft hackle flies during this
time. You shouldn't overlook the fine dry fly fishing that can also occur during
October, especially on the Firehole River. It's water will be warm even on the
coldest days because of the geysers.
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