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Planning Your Fly Fishing Trip to Yellowstone - Part 7


The dog days of August are the best days to fish the small streams in the higher
elevations. The fish will be mostly small cutthroats and brook trout but there will
be plenty of action. The streams will most likely be low and easy to wade in you
must do so.

One of those streams, I am mentioning for an example, is the Middle River. The
Middle River flows out of the park on the east side. The last few miles of it
borders the entrance road to the park at the East entrance. It is out of sight for
the most part, but still close to the road. When the road starts up the mountain,
you have reached the point the stream will be difficult to access from the road.

The Middle River is a small stream that has a good population of smaller
cutthroat trout and a lot of brook trout. We have caught some very nice brook
trout in this stream up to eleven inches long. That isn't bad for stream brook
trout although they get much larger in ponds and lakes in the park.

There are a lot of small streams in the park that are similar to this. Any of the
high elevation headwater streams should fish good during the month of August.
Also, keep in mind that anytime from around the middle of August until the end
of the month, the weather is subject to start changes back to the cool side. Cold
fronts can come through and drop the stream water temperature back into the
low sixties and high fifties. Near the end of August some of the streams in the
lower elevations of the park may begin to provide good fishing again.

The Southwestern part of the park, or Cascade Corner, can provide some good
fishing during August but any later than that, cold fronts are subject to change
the conditions fast. Falls River and Belcher River and their tributaries can be a
good choice. Keep in mind most all of these streams require a hike into the
backcountry. You want be able to fish anywhere from a road except maybe
where the Falls River exits the park. You will have little, if any, competition from
other anglers.

The Gallatin River usually continues to provide decent fishing during the month
of August but it usually declines from the fast and hot action provided in July.
Most of the hatches end and the fish get wise to the constant pressure from
anglers. Most all of this river can be accessed from highway 191 and it receives
a lot of pressure during July.

The Gardner River will continue to fish good through the month of August. The
fast water areas will continue to provide oxygen during the warmer water times
and the fish will stay active longer in the runs and riffle areas of the river.
However, after all is said and done, If I were pressed to make a quick decision
as to where to fish in August and the weather was still hot, I would head to the
Northeast corner of the park.

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