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Planning Your Fly Fishing Trip to Yellowstone - Part 3

June, continued:

I covered the hatches you can expect the occur during June on the Firehole
River but not the Gibbon River or the Madison River. June hatches on the
Madison River and the Gibbon River are similar to the Firehole hatches. The
Blue-winged Olives will probably be the most plentiful of the hatches.

Near the middle of the month, the Salmonflies and Golden Stoneflies will start
hatching in the fast water areas of the Madison. Little Black Caddis will hatch
during June. The middle of the month will bring about hatches of the PMDs or
Pale Morning Dun mayflies.

Before the month is over, you may see hatches of Green Drakes. Gray Drakes
may also start hatching about the third to forth week of June. Both of these
mayflies can bring on excellent fishing in the Madison.

Spotted Sedges usually begin to hatch in large quantities about the last week of
June. This will be one of the most consistent hatches that will occur on the
Madison. The White Miller caddisflies will also start hatching near the end of
June. They may be more plentiful than the Spotted Sedges. Both caddisflies
bring about excellent late afternoon and early evening fishing.

The Gibbon River also has a good population of Brown Drakes in the meadow
sections. These large mayflies usually start hatching about the middle of June.
The other hatches that occur on the Gibbon River are consistent with the
Madison, especially in the lower meadows. The water in the higher elevations of
the Gibbon River above the falls will be slightly cooler during the month of June
and the hatches usually follow those in the Madison and lower Gibbon rivers.

The bottom line to fly fishing during the month of June in Yellowstone National
Park is that you should concentrate on the Firehole River, Madison River and
Gibbon River. Other streams may begin to turn on before the month of June is
over, but it all depends on the weather, runoff and the snowpack. You can
expect some very good hatches to occur during the month on all three of these

The most convenient place to stay to fish these rivers is West Yellowstone
Montana. There are more facilities there than there are in any towns or
communities bordering the park. All three rivers is just a short drive from West
Yellowstone. During early June, this can be very important. Snow falls are
common during early June.

There is a large campground in the park located at Madison Junction. If you
camp or bring a motor home, it too is a very convenient place to stay to fish the
Madison drainage.

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