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Planning Your Fly Fishing Trip to Yellowstone - Part 2


As I said yesterday, the best fly fishing in Yellowstone during the first few days of
the season is the Firehole River. The water is warmer than it is in any of the
other streams due to the influence of the geysers. You can probably catch trout
on the dry fly from the very first day of the season.

Pale Morning Duns and
Baetis mayflies should be hatching when the season
opens. White Miller caddisflies should start hatching if they are not already
hatching. Another smaller caddisfly, the Speckled Peter should also begin to
hatch by the first of June if not already hatching when the season opens. It is
possible the Little Black Caddis or Mother's Day hatch could still be in progress
although it may have ended. There will be plenty of insect activity and the trout
should be feeding on the surface.  Some believe the
Baetis activity is as good
as it ever gets at the first of the season.

During the first part of June, the Firehole River continues with the hatches I
listed above with all but the Little Black Caddis. The
Baetis or Blue-winged
Olives should be in full swing along with the PMDs or Pale Morning Dun
mayflies. The Spotted Sedges will begin to hatch the first of June and bring
another big wave of caddisflies. The White millers will be laying their eggs in the
late afternoons. The Salmonflies and Yellow Sallys should start hatching in the
canyon section of the Firehole. Some March Brown mayflies should begin to
hatch in the fast water sections of the river about the middle of June.

The next river to get into the full swing of hatches and great fishing is the
Madison River. It receives the warm water from the Firehole River and well as
the somewhat warm water from the Gibbon River. The Gibbon will not be as
warm as the Firehole, but it has a few geysers that adds some warm water to the
flow. Another big reason the fishing in the Madison drainage starts early is the
fact that the mountains surrounding its drainage area are at a lower elevation
that most of the streams in the park. The snow pack is not as great as it is on
some of the other mountains ranges.

The Gibbon River will come into its prime time during the month of June. Of
course the lower elevations will be the first to warm up to the point the trout
begin to feed well but before the month is over the entire river will be in its prime.

The Upper Yellowstone River is closed to fishing until July 15. The Larmar
drainage including Soda Butte Creek and Slough Creek will still be muddy and
cold. It is the run off season for the Yellowstone drainage.

In a nutshell, the best fishing in Yellowstone National Park will be in the Madison
drainage area. The Firehole, Madison and Gibbon Rivers will be top choices for
the month. Tomorow I will add some to the June time frame and discuss the
hatches that takes place on the rivers that are fishable.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh