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Planning Your Fly Fishing Trip to Yellowstone

In the near future we will be completing a new section of this site called "Trip
Planning". As we built this section, we will be introducing portions of it in our
daily articles. These articles will help make up the new "Trip Planning section".
If you are planning to travel to Yellowstone National Park for a fly fishing
adventure, we think it would be a good idea for you to check our daily articles
during the next several days for information that we hope will be helpful to you.
The information we are providing is totally unbiased. We do not own or receive  
compensation in any form from any fly shop, motel, resort, recreational facility,
campground or other entity in or near Yellowstone National Park. The only thing
we ask is that you consider viewing our
instructional DVD on fly-fishing,
especially our
Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park DVD. We also hope you
consider using our
"Perfect Flies" where ever you fish. Irrespective of what you
choose to do, we just hope that your trip to Yellowstone is a very enjoyable one
for you and your  friends and family. We want to help you in any way we can, so
feel free to
contact us any time. We will do our best to help you with your trip.

The first part of our new section will be "when to come and what to expect". This
is a month by month section starting from the opening day of the fly fishing
season in late May and ending when the season closes in October. The first
thing you need to consider when you are planning a trip to fly fish Yellowstone
National Park is the time of the season you are going to fish. The fly-fishing
opportunities vary greatly depending on the particular time you choose. We will
cover the complete season and go over the hatches you can expect to occur
throughout the fishing season.  The purpose of these articles is to summarize
what you can expect from a fly-fishing trip during the various months of the

The Yellowstone Fly Fishing season opens the Saturday of Memorial Day
Weekend. This is usually the last weekend in May. That means the 'May' fishing
season and this section is a short one. This year that means it will open on May
23rd. Since May has 31 days in it, that means you can only fish 8 days in May. If
you choose to fish these days, the question would be "Where would you fish".
That is an easy one for us. Fish the Firehole River. There are not a lot of
possibilities the last of May. Most of the streams in the park will probably be to
cold for good fishing.  The Firehole is warmed by the geysers and is a big aid in
making it a good place to fish when most of the streams in the park are not

Tomorrow I will go into what to expect from the Firehole River these coming 8
days of May. Of course, weather is a big factor but in this case, it is more of a
factor as to whether or not you will be able to handle the weather than it is the
fish. The rainbows and brown trout in the Firehole will probably care less. A
snowy, cold  or what you may call a bad weather day will probably be just perfect
for them.

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