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I am calling this series Yellowstone Journals and Additional Information. It is a collection of a
rambling mixture of experiences on the streams with some notes, tips and additional
information thrown in. Some of this comes from my video tape logs (record of video shot)
and  notes made on my daily note books.

Fly Fishing Bacon Rind Creek

Bacon Rind Creek is a very small tributary stream of the Gallatin River. It flows
from the Madison Range. You can see it from highway 191 around the 22 mile
marker. Although you can fish it from where it intersects the Gallatin River
upstream, that area of the stream is not the best area to fish. We have fished
that part a few times with little success. There are only a few pockets large
enough to hold many trout. It is a picture perfect, beautiful little stream that is
worth walking up just to enjoy its beauty.

To reach the best part of the creek, turn off 191 near the 22 mile marker on a
unpaved road. In just over a quarter of a mile it will end at the Bacon Rind
Trailhead. The stream flows through a meadow not far from the trailhead. The
stream is still small but doesn't decline as rapidly as it does near the highway.
We have only fished the stream for about a mile or so in the meadow area of the
valley. We have been able to catch a lot of small trout each time we tried. We
have not caught one over 12 inches in this stream but the action was always
fast. It is a lot of fun. We just walk upstream and cast only where we find the
larger and deeper areas of water.

Attractor and generic fly patterns work fine. All the fish we have caught were
cutbows. They are not picky about what they eat. Most of the time we use a
small hopper or beetle.

This is not a destination we are recommending over the Gallatin River or any of
many other streams in the park. It is a place you can fish without being near
other anglers or at least we have never seen even one angler there. It is just
one of those places, like Fan Creek that I just wrote about, that is an area that
we wanted to explore.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
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