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I am calling this series Yellowstone Journals and Additional Information. It is a collection of a
rambling mixture of experiences on the streams with some notes, tips and additional
information thrown in. Some of this comes from my video tape logs (record of video shot)
and  notes made on my daily note books.

Fly Fishing Fan Creek

Fan Creek is a very small tributary of the Gallatin River. It flows into the Gallatin  
not far north of the point the Gallatin gets close to highway 191. That is near the
Fawn Pass Trailhead about mile marker 21. In fact, the easiest way to access
the little stream is to take the Fawn Pass trail and cross the Gallatin River. It is
best to walk a short ways, maybe a quarter of a mile at least, up the trail before
you begin fishing. I guess the reason this creek is named Fan is that it tends to
fan out across the meadows. It breaks up into several branches. I do not know
that has anything to do with the name of the stream for a fact. That is just a

The stream is several yards north of the trail. The Fawn Pass Trail will intersect
Fan Creek Trail a couple of miles from the trailhead. The Fan Creek trail will
follow the stream from that point on into its headwaters. We have not fished the
stream beyond the intersection of the trails. I have no idea of what lies upstream
from that point but my guess is that it continues to get smaller and probably has
less fish or at least less sizeable fish.

The trout in the lower section of Fan Creek are mostly cutbows. Some of them
are pure cutthroats, or at least I think they are. None of the trout that we have
caught in the stream are large. They probably average about nine inches long.
They are concentrated mostly in the deeper water where there are small pools
or undercut banks.

This stream sees almost no anglers. Most everyone fishes the Gallatin River
from about the point Fan Creek joins the Gallatin River north. We only suggest it
as a little stream you could fish to get away from other anglers, catch a lot of
small trout and just enjoy being alone on a stream but yet not very far from the
main road.

The fish are very aggressive and seem to take just about any small fly you want
to fish. It is best to fish it during the month of July and maybe through August
and into September. We have fished it only two times both of which were in the
later part of July. It probably gets rather low during the late summer.

There is a lot of other water you can fish to catch just as many trout with less
effort. The only thing that made this little stream interesting to us, was just the
fact we would be exploring it - just to see what lies ahead. Both times we fished
it, we did so in different areas of the stream below the intersection of the trails.
Both times we probably caught twenty trout, none of which were over twelve
inches long. We were not on the stream actually fishing either time over two

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