.............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park


I am calling this series Yellowstone Journals and Additional Information. It is a collection of a
rambling mixture of experiences on the streams with some notes, tips and additional
information thrown in. Some of this comes from my video tape logs (record of video shot)
and  notes made on my daily note books.

Fly Fishing the Lamar River - Part 3

There is something about having a commercial type camera and tripod on a
trout stream. People will stop and look. I guess they think it has to be a big deal,
otherwise why would anyone be video taping it. Some people think that the area
we are fishing is a sure enough hot spot. They usually think it is being recorded
for broadcast TV. Most everyone just looks and then goes on about their
business.  It is very rare that anyone bothers us. Many of them ask if Angie is a
professional model. They assume she really can't catch trout. Others ask me if
she is my daughter. I usually reply that she is my granddaughter.

A few years ago, at the exact same spot where I wrote about dropping the
camera yesterday, we were set up and Angie was catching one good size
cutthroat after another. There are three pockets there and for some reason,
there is almost always a lot of fish that come there to feed or maybe they just
hold up there all the time. All I know is that over the years she has probably
caught fifty good trout in that one section of the river about forty yards long. I
haven't caught any there because she considers it her spot. That particular day,
as normal, several guys noticed us and three of them came down to where we
were fishing and started fishing just above and just below us. It is a good thing
we were only working that one area of the stream or otherwise, we would have
been cut off. The more she caught, the closer they got to her. Not one of them
asked a single question such as "what we were doing" or "how many had we
caught' - not even the standard question of "what are you catching them on".
They just fished up and down the stream from us within casting distance. What
was so funny about it was that they didn't catch a single trout and she caught at
least six while they were there fishing. They were neither friendly or unfriendly.
They just fished as if we didn't exist.

After she had probably caught every cutthroat in the area, we packed up and
moved back to the parking pull-off area about a hundred yards or so from the
stream. When I was loading the vehicle, I noticed all three of men were fishing in
the exact same spot she was fishing. I assume they were just new to trout
fishing. I don't think they even thought what they were doing was a little on the
rude side, or even that they looked out of place doing what they did. I would give
anything to have overheard the conversations that took place on their way
home or back at their room that night.

I have another quick story about that same spot. On yet another trip to the
Lamar Valley, my son-in-law flew in to Montana to fish with us for a few days. We
took him to the same spot thinking he could catch several nice cutthroats. He
did not catch one, doing exactly the same thing Angie does, in the same location
she had caught some a few days earlier. After maybe nearly an hour, she was
running the camera and I was fishing downstream about a hundred yards from
him. I had stopped watching him and so had she. We were sure he was not
going to catch one after a hundred cast to the same area. When I looked up to
yell at him that I had a fish on, there was a big buffalo standing about fifteen feet
from him directly behind him. There is about a six foot drop off the bank down to
the stream where he was standing and the buffalo was standing on top almost
looking straight down at him. I was too scared to yell. I was afraid he would panic
and the buffalo would hurt him. A few seconds or so later (he must have heard it
breathing) he turned around and just stood there for a moment and then slowly
walked up stream looking back over his shoulder. I was proud of him. That would
have scarred anybody. I couldn't believe the way he handled it. Then the buffalo
proceed to cross the stream, right where he was fishing. It acted as if it was just
wanting on him to move. I was probably shaking harder than he was. I could just
hear my daughter - "you talked my husband into going to Yellowstone and
killed him".

Copyright 2009 James Marsh
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