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I am calling this series Yellowstone Journals and Additional Information. It is a collection of a
rambling mixture of experiences on the streams with some notes, tips and additional
information thrown in. Some of this comes from my video tape logs (record of video shot)
and  notes made on my daily note books.

Fly Fishing Soda Butte Creek - Upper Section - Part 4

The upper section of Soda Butte Creek, or the section above the Ice Box
Canyon, is completely different from the rest of the stream. It is the typical riffle,
run, and pool type water. The creek is small, usually only ten to fifteen feet wide.
The trout can be found in all three types of water. Usually the pools hold the
most but they are not necessarily the easiest place to catch them.

We fish this part strictly in an upstream fashion. We make a lot of short, fifteen
to twenty feet, upstream or slightly up and across cast. Although it is not
necessary to use specific imitations, we usually do, especially if something is
hatching. Terrestrial imitations, especially the beetles and ants, work great in
this part of the stream. Attractor or non-specific imitations usually produce.

We have found some very nice hatches occurring in this part of Soda Butte.
Western Green Drake hatches occur in the later part of August and September.
This is one of the best times to catch a huge number of the small trout. They are
all mostly small. I think the largest trout we have caught in this part of the stream
was only about 12 inches. Most of them run from 8 to 10 inches but they are a
lot of fun to catch when you can catch several an hour and you usually can.

This part of the stream is in the forest. Trees grow up to both banks in many
areas. It is a little spooky being on the stream by yourself knowing that there are
plenty of bears around but we have never seen one on this part of the stream
although I am certain they are there. It isn't like being out in the open in the
lower part of Soda Butte where there isn't any cover and you can see a long
way in all directions

We usually wade right up the middle of the stream casting to all parts of it
ahead. There are a few holes here and there but for the most part during the
later part of the season in August and September, the wader is easy to wade. If
you don't want to intersect the stream by making  a short hike, you can park at
the last bridge that crosses Soda Butte and fish upstream from there. You can
usually catch twenty or more trout within a hundred yards of the bridge.  

This is also a good place for beginners to learn to fish faster moving water.
They will get plenty of action on the dry fly most anytime. I am not suggesting
you spend you entire Yellowstone trip in this section of the stream. The trout are
small and that is not what you go to Yellowstone to catch. It is just a quick fix for
anyone fishing the creek or traveling to or from Cooke City to other parts of the

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