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Perfect Fly Website Update:

We have just completed adding several new fly patterns to our Perfect Fly Website
that I would like for you to see. The main additions are as follows;

1. We had (3) three mayfly imitations missing and those have been added. Our
Mayflies are now complete.

2. We added all of our stonefly imitations consisting of 18 new flies, 9 nymphs and 9
adult imitations representing the 9 stonefly families.

3. We added 6 new Adult Caddisfly patterns. We received all 14 of our new adult
caddisflies but 8 of the patterns turned out unacceptable to us. Our tyers
misunderstood one sentence in the specifications and that was all it took to receive
over 1200 flies that were not acceptable. Now I have to determine what to do with
1200 flies that are not exactly what I wanted. I want add them to the Perfect Fly site
or current stock of over 60,000 flies - that is for sure.

4. We added all of our main patterns of still water flies. There will be some odds and
ends that show up later in the year but that takes cares of the basics. Some of the
caddisfliies, mayflies and other flies found in still water are not duplicated and
added under the still water section of the site. They are available under the
respective categories. The ones we added are our scud, sowbug, damselfly nymph,
dragonfly nymph and water boatman.

5. Under our Bass Flies category, we added 2 new crawfish (crayfish) patterns and
a Bream pattern.

I hope you will keep check on our site. We should have the 8 missing adult caddisfly
patterns in stock by February 10, 2009, and that will complete our starting lineup of
"Perfect Flies". We hope you will consider us when you restock you fly boxes for the
upcoming season.

We know our flies are superior to anything available commercially.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh

I will return to our "other fly fishing destinations" articles tomorrow. I will also be
adding a second article each day explaining some of our new flies.


A couple of quick notes: the legs and antennae on the stonefly nymphs and adults are flexible
and very durable. The underside (abdomen and thorax) of the adults are foam. There is a
complete description under
"How Our Stoneflies are Made"
................Check out our                 
Yellow Sally (Little Yellow
Stonefly) Adult
Salmonfly Nymph