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Fly Fishing Silver Creek, Idaho

Silver Creek is one of the finest trout streams in the United States. It is located in a
highly agricultural area of Idaho in a large valley where you just wouldn't think a trout
stream existed. Any unfamiliar angler that was blind folded and turned loose in the
sagebrush and potato fields would head for the foot of the mountains to find a trout
stream. Never would they guess that out in the open flat valley there are many springs
tightly grouped together that forms a stream that maintains an almost constant water
temperature year round. It is the perfect habitat for brown, rainbow and brook trout.
Watercress sways back and forth from the flows of rich, fertile underground water.
Swaying back and forth along with the vegetation are the tails of many large trout.
Unlike most trout that are searching for something to eat, the trout in Silver Creek don't
have a problem finding food. They can select from a large variety of food.

You can present your "Hares Ear Nymph" until you give up on it and change to your
"Parachute Adams" and cast it for a while without having a single trout make the first
attempt to eat either one. If you look closely, you can see them. If you can get one to
approach either fly, get close to eat and reject it at the last second, you are making an
exceptionally fine presentation.
Silver Creek levels the playing field. It evens things
out between you and the trout that swim its waters. You don't have the big advantage
you do when you are fishing most trout streams. You will still be facing trout with a tiny
brain but trout that aren't quite as stupid as those you find in freestone streams,
tailwaters and even most spring creeks. When you catch one of them you can say that
you met the challenge, did some things right, and deserved to get to fight and release
the trout.

The picture above was taken from the top of a hill near the Silver Creek Nature
Conservancy building. All you have to do to start the challenge is to sign your name
inside the building. Continued....

Copyright 2009 James Marsh