Streams Outside of Yellowstone National Park
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Fly Fishing the Big Horn River

The Big Horn River is a long way from Yellowstone National Park even though it is in
Montana. It flows through an area of the county where, driving down the interstate, you
would think a river didn't exist, much less a river that was full of large trout.

Up until about five or six years ago, anyone that had fished the Big Horn River
Tailwater, would have put it at the top of their list of the best tailwater streams in the
United States. Then the drought begin to affect the Big Horn along with most of the
other rivers in the Northwest. It didn't take but a year for the lack of snow in the
mountains to result in low water in the Big Horn River. That had a very quick affect on
the trout and the fishing declined. During that time, the local outfitters and fly shops
were quick to tell you that even though the fishing was not up to par with what it was
before the drought, it was still at least as good or better than any other trout stream in
the West. They were probably right, because before the drought period I am referring
to, the Big Horn tailwater had a huge number of brown and rainbow trout. The low water
period didn't last long and for the past two or three years, the Big Horn has made a
speedy recovery and is very close to providing the fabulous fishing it had for a long