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Earthquakes Happening at Yellowstone

Everyone probably knows that Yellowstone is "an earthquake about to happen". The
last few days they have been happening. They have been just on the verge of
damaging something we can observe. More than 250 have been recorded the last few
days and nine were over 3.0 on the Richter Scale. One was recorded at 3.9.

It was during my lifetime that Quake Lake was formed. I am certain the folks that
happened to be camping on the Madison River that day in time were not expecting an
earthquake. I guess that makes it obvious that they can happen whether we want to
accept it or not.

The entire thing is very ironical. Earthquakes formed what we now admire about
Yellowstone but we want God to stop and leave it the way it is now. I am going to make
my wish for the new year. I wish that Yellowstone, one of my favorite places on earth,
will not undergo a major earthquake in 2009.

My next project at Yellowstone will be the most exciting and interesting one I will be
undertaking. If the good Lord is willing, I will be taking my grandson to Yellowstone. I
was a grown man when I first experienced the wonders of Yellowstone Park. I can't
begin to imagine what I would have thought and felt if I had of been a youngster. I was
as excited as a man could possibly be and I was a grown man - well, maybe a little past
being a grown man.

The first time I laid eyes on the park, I had been driving for a long time. Angie and I had
spent the night in some little motel just across the Wyoming state line about as far from
Yellowstone as you can get and still be in Wyoming. I had driven from a few hours
before daylight trying to make it to West Yellowstone via Jackson Hole before dark.
When I drove through Teton National Park, I was unable to wake Angie. She was sound
asleep. When we got to Yellowstone, I started talking to her and shaking her. I wanted
her to wake up and see what I was seeing. She didn't respond very well to that, so I
began to yell at her and shake her a little harder. It just wasn't fair for me to be seeing
what I was seeing while she sleep. Finally, I stopped at a pull off to observe several elk
at the bottom of a steep drop off along the side of the road. Stopping the car woke her
up. I have never been quite sure how that works but it does. Yelling and shaking her
didn't work. Stopping the car and all the noise of the road did work.

She missed the Snake River but she was awake when we first laid eyes on the
Firehole. Seeing the Firehole River will make you very aware of what is underneath the
ground. It is quite obvious that something is cooking. Now that I have written this to the
point of reaching the Firehole River several years ago, the recent earthquakes don't
seem to be quite as newsworthy as I first thought. So, thinking about it in that respect, I
guess I will be willing to accept whatever happens. After all, what I or anyone else is
willing to accept or not accept makes absolutely no difference.
Happy New Year!

                                                                                                       Copyright 2008 James Marsh