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Green River - Part 2

The section of the long Green River in Wyoming below the Fontenelle Reservoir is
where we have done most of our fishing on the river. It has browns, rainbows and
cutthroat trout and some of them grow to a huge size. The one single biggest downfall
we found is the wind. I have never fished the river without the wind was blowing at least
twenty plus miles per hour and usually more. This part of Wyoming, like much of the
state, is high desert country. There is nothing to stop the wind from blowing.

Another downfall to the area, or on second thought, maybe it is an advantage, is the
lack of facilities in the area. Simply put, there isn't much of anything within a hundred
miles or so. You can access the river to float it or wade it in many areas. The water is
not rough, or at least it hasn't been the times we have fished there. It is smooth flows
below the dam. The river flows downstream through the Seedskadee National wildlife
refuge. We have spotted some huge bull moose in the area.

The thing that makes this tailwater interesting is the size of the fish. Of course you can
catch them small and large but the average size I would guess would be a solid
fourteen to sixteen inch trout. We have found that crawfish patterns normally used for
bass are good there. There is also a lot of scuds in the water but for some reason we
haven't been able to catch fish on scud patterns. I am certain you could at the right
time and place.

The fish are scattered in this section of the Green River according to the few local guys
we have talked to there. We have been told that it is a good idea to move around until
you start catching trout. I guess we have been quite lucky because we have managed
to catch trout most everywhere we have tried.

This is a big river. Our best catches have come on streamers, the crawfish patterns I
mentioned, and large stonefly nymphs. We have seen very few mayflies, some caddis
and we have caught zero fish on a dry fly there. We have caught some nice browns
over twenty inches, some big rainbows and cutthroat trout.

I wouldn't call this a destination trout stream especially since it is located within a half or
days drive from some of the best trout streams in the United States but if you like to
explore new areas and you like fishing by yourself, then you may want to try it. You are
not likely to catch twenty or thirty trout in a half day but you may well catch a huge one.

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