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Green River - Part 1

One of Wyoming's longest rivers with trout most of its entire length is one of its least
popular rivers - the Green River. It doesn't quite seem right that any mention of this
river brings to mind the state of Utah. Utah is know for the Green River below the
Flaming Gorge Reservoir. I certainly don't want to take anything away from the great
trout fishing the river has to offer below Flaming Gorge Reservoir but I do want to point
out that several sections of the almost two-hundred miles of the Green River in the
state of Wyoming also has a lot to offer. A river that happens to be near Yellowstone
National Park, the Snake River and Jackson Hole doesn't stand much of a chance to
be recognized for its trout fishing. On the other hand if the river was compared to any
river in the Eastern or Mid -western U.S. it would certainly rank high. It would also rank
high if compared to many of the Rocky Mountain streams found elsewhere in the West.

It starts North of the little town of Pinedale in the Wind River Mountains at Green
Mountain Lakes. Most of the upper part is very accessible. About thirty miles of the
river flows through National Forest and Bureau of Land Management property. We
have only fished the upper part on one occasion. Even though we had never been
there before we managed to catch several trout. The largest was probably only twelve
inches long.

We also fished the river in the public area below the little town of Bronx. We have only
made a couple of short stops there yet we were able to catch a few trout both times.
The section below Warren Bridge just above Bronx is a popular area for drift boats. We
haven't floated the Green downstream of there or anywhere else, although that is
probably the best way to fish it in that particular section. There are about a hundred
and fifty miles of freestone stream before the river reaches Fontenelle Reservoir.

Runoff generally occurs in June. The river usually clears by the first or second week in
July. During the late summer the river is usually very low. Anywhere you want to fish the
Green you are going to find yourself in a very uncrowded situation. Wyoming is not
exactly known for its big cities or towns and the Green River certainly doesn't pass
through any. It flows through wide open remote country.

Most of our fishing on the green has been done in the tailwater section below
Fontenelle Reservior.  Tomorrow I will cover that section of the river.

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