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South Fork of the Snake River - Hatches - Part 2

Hatches on the South Fork of the Snake River are very prolific for a tailwater. We have
posted a
hatch chart on our 'Perfect Fly" website for this stream but I will provide more
detail here.

There are some blue-winged olives and caddis hatches, especially on the lower river in
the early season, during March, April and May. There are also a few sparse Western
March Brown hatches that occur during his time. The Little Black Caddis can hatch
fairly prolific during the month of May. Due to the high water flows and discharges,
there is little dry fly fishing done on the river during the early season months.

The first major hatch of the season is the Salmonfly hatch that begins around the
middle of June near the confluence with the Henry's Fork River and continues up
stream from 63 miles. It ends approximately the middle of July. The Golden stoneflies
are also plentiful in the South Fork. They hatch near the same time as the salmonflies
but usually peak a week to two weeks later. The other major stonefly is the Yellow
Sally. It too starts two or three weeks later than the salmonflies and continues for a
longer period of time. It can last until September. We have not checked the nymphs
very much on this river and it is possible there are more than one species called Yellow
Sallies that hatch, but from a fishing standpoint it would make little if any difference.

As usual for most Western Rivers, the little PMD or Pale Morning Dun species rank
high in the mayfly category. They start hatching in July and continue on into
September. They are the most consistent hatch that occurs. You will also find the
Spotted Sedges start to hatch during July. They can continue until mid September. The
smaller and similar Little Sisters are also there and start hatching about two or three
weeks after the Spotted Sedges.

August and September, two of the best months to fish the South Fork of the Snake
River, is terrestrial time. Grasshoppers, ants and beetles provide a good opportunity to
catch trout starting in July and continuing until after the first frost. September brings on
a very good October Caddis hatch starting about the first two weeks of September and
continuing through the month of October. August and September also brings some
very good Mahogany Dun mayfly hatches. It is the time of the year wading is possible
on most of the river and a great time to fish the South Fork.

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