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Henry's Fork of the Snake River Hatches - Part 1

The hatches on the Henry's Fork of the Snake vary greatly depending on the section
of the river you are dealing with. The elevation changes, the changes in water
chemistry and the effects of water heights and flows due to irrigation needs all have an
effect on the hatches. Another big factor is that much of it lies below dams. The effects
of lakes can change the water chemistry and the aquatic insects that live in it. I am also
certain that the lower sections of the river is affected by the chemicals used for farming
along the river and its tributary streams. The other factor is the different types of water
flows. Parts are like a smooth flowing spring creek, except it is a spring river, and parts
of it is fast, pocket water similar to a freestone stream in flow, but not in water

In general, all of the water is low in acidity. Most of it is spring fed. The PH is relatively
high although it varies quite a bit from one section of the river to another. In general it
is very fertile and has a huge population of aquatic insect life. Of course that is a big
factor in why its trout grow so large.

When you can figure out all the hatches and insects that are found on the Henry's
Fork, you could consider yourself more than an entomologist, more than a superb
angler and more than is probably humanly possible for any one person to master.
There are sections of the great river where, depending on the time, matching the hatch
isn't necessary at all. Generic flies work well. Attractor flies work in many places at
times and yes, there are those hatches that takes place where you must match the
hatch or go home without the smell of fish on your hands.

Tomorrow I will try to provide some information that may be of help. What I have said
today is a big "disclaimer". Anyone writing about insects on this river needs a

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