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Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Part Nine

Below Aston Dam, the Henry's Fork of the Snake River is yet an even different type of
river than it has been since it's beginning. Next to the Ranch or Harriman State Park
section, we think this is one of the better areas of the river. This section has some very
big trout and with the exception of the summer months, it provides great fishing. During
the summer months of July, August and September, a lot of water is diverted from the
river for irrigation needs. It still provides good fishing but nymphs become more
important and dry fly fishing less important.

Angie and I have spent a lot of time here in the early season, meaning May and June.
We have been told by the locals that the great fishing starts well before that but we
have not experienced it. The river is fed by lots of small springs which helps by keeping
the water a little warmer than it would otherwise be in the early season.

There are several areas this section can be accessed from. We normally fish the river
below the bridge from the road that heads West from the little town of Aston. There are
other access areas that are just as good.

During the early season, especially during the month of June, you will see a lot of drift
boats on the river. One reason is the action in this section of the Henry's Fork is well
ahead of most of the other fishing in the Yellowstone area. From the salmonfly hatch
that starts near the end of May through June, this is a very popular area.

There is yet another section of the Henry's Fork below the Chester Dam that provides
good fishing. We have not fished the river below the Chester Dam or downstream of  
St. Anthony to where the river combines with the South Fork to form the huge Snake
River. We are told these stretches of the river have some huge trout.  

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