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Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Part Three

So far, I have just touched on the upper part of the Henry's Fork from its beginning
downstream through the Box Canyon. The Henry's Fork comes out of the canyon near
Last Chance, Idaho, and flows into a gentle sloping, almost flat volcano caldera. The
river changes completely, going from fast flowing, pocket water to spring creek, smooth
flowing water. It flows into and through the Harriman State Park which used to be (and
still is by many) called the Railroad Ranch section. The park is approximately seven
miles long.

The Harriman State Park section of the river may be the finest trout water in the World.
It offers dry fly fishing at its very best. This section of the river is not easy to fish, not
even for the anglers that have fished it regularly for years. It offers a challenge to
anyone, a challenge I think is appropriate for any serious trout angler. You don't have
to be concerned as to whether on not the big trout are there. All you have to be
concerned with is fooling them into taking your fly. When you do, you have done
something to be proud of and something that provides a lot of satisfaction.

The water is full of aquatic insects of many different types. Eighteen inch trout are
common. The thing that separates this river from most any other trout stream that has
large trout is
the fact these huge trout will commonly eat insects on the surface
of the water
. If you were blindfolded and released in this section of the river, you
would think you were fishing a spring creek. In fact, that is what many anglers refer to it
as and probably rightly so. Its vegetation creates complex currents that are not easy to
fish. Instead of blind casting a large expanse of water and hoping a rainbow will take
your fly, you need to find and fish to individual trout. It is you against the fish. You have
a handful of brains and the rainbow has a pea size brain. In a very short time most
anglers (including me) begin to believe it is the exact opposite of that.

This is the section of the river that Angie and I have probably fished the most.
Tomorrow I will go into some details as I see them, on fishing the Harriman State Park

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