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Gallatin River Outside the Park - Part Two

The Gallatin ends its flow through the twenty-plus mile long canyon section and flows
more like a typical, larger western river. The section of the stream south of Gallatin
Gateway to the canyon is great looking trout water. We have taken a few larger fish in
this section but not anything to boast about. We have not spent a great deal of time
fishing this part of the river though we probably should have.

If we stood by our experience, we would get a lot of argument from the locals regarding
the size of the fish in this section of runs, riffles and pools. It is considered to be the
best fishing the Gallatin has to offer and I am certain those that make that claim are
correct in that assessment. Although this section has its fair share of brown trout, we
have only taken rainbows and cuttbows. They do seem to average slightly larger than
the ones we have caught upstream of Gallatin Gateway.

The river looks quite different from Gallatin Gateway to where it leaves sight of highway
191 downstream. That part of the river flows through farming country, the majority of
which is private property, although there are still a few access points. We have not
taken anything worth noting from this section of the river. That is probably because we
have only fished it for a very short time at a couple of places.

We are told that the best way to fish this section is from a drift boat and we can very
well understand why. Most of the water would be difficult to access otherwise. I also feel
certain that there are longer sections of unproductive water than there are upstream of
this section. We have nothing to offer with regards to fishing this section because we
have not fished it from a drift boat. We are told by the locals that this section has some
very fine brown trout fishing and we feel confident they are not bragging when they
make that claim. Anglers from Montana don't have to brag about their trout fishing.

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