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Madison River - Lyon Bridge to Ennis Lake

The Madison River from Lyon Bridge to Ennis Lake is open to fishing from boats except
for a section near Ennis. The entire area is open to fishing all season. This is a very
long stretch of river with several access points. The first section, from Lyon Bridge to
McAtte Bridge, is the most popular float section. The section is considered a full day
float depending on how you fish it from a drift boat.

We have only fished this section three times. Each time was from a drift boat and each
time we fished different ways. One time in August we fished using large streamers and
a dropper for rainbows. We were targeting larger brown trout. The next time we did little
fishing from the boat and much more wading and fishing the dry fly. The last time we
did a little of both. Each time we caught lots of trout and each time there was a variety
of browns and rainbows taken.

Basically, as usual, the large brown trout seek the deep holes around the boulders and
stay hidden during the day. The rainbows stay out in the riffles. This section of the river
is usually jam packed with guides using drift boats but there are always a few
individuals with their own drift boats.

The next two sections, downstream from McAtee Bridge to Ennis Bridge, have only one
public launch site between the two bridges near the Varney Bridge. This area of the
river is occupied with some very large brown trout. We have only made one drift boat
trip through the upper part of this long area of river from McAtee Bridge to Varney
Bridge. You will still catch as many rainbows as browns, maybe more, but you are
always aware there are some huge browns in these sections of the river. It would take
many, many days of fishing these stretches of the Madison to begin to know it well.

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