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New Hatch Chart - Gibbon River

We have had a hatch chart for the Gibbon River in Yellowstone National Park since we
launched the site but we now have
another one on our Perfect Fly site that directly
links to the flies that are needed to imitate each insect, crustacean or marine
species. It is a part of what will be a series of hatch charts for every major trout
stream in the United States and Canada.

The Gibbon River is almost like several rivers in one. It upper portions includes large
meadows that have its own particular aquatic insects and fish species. You also have
the run, riffle, pool type water between the upper meadows and the falls. Then you
have another section that is below the falls that is a combination of run, riffle, pool type
water with meadows at it lower end where it runs helps the Firehole form the Madison

This vast expanse of different types of water has a huge number of aquatic insects that
hatch at various times depending on what part of the Gibbon you are fishing. We have
taken our best shot at providing what we know hatches there from fishing the river
many days during several seasons. We have also observed samples we have
temporary taken from the stream. There are many insects there we do not list because
we are not certain they hatch in sufficient quantities to warrant listing them. They may
very well be other insects than warrant listing, however, and if anyone has additional
information they can add to this we would appreciate their letting us know about it.
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