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Excuses and New "Perfect Fly" Selections:

We have added (15) fifteen new fly selections or sets of flies to our Perfect Fly Site.
(4) Four are for trout, (7) seven for other freshwater species such as bass, pike,
musky, bream, etc and (4) four are for
saltwater flats, inshore and offshore species.
Please check these out (click on selections) and if you are not interested at the time,
keep in mind they would make great gifts for you family and friends that fly fish.

I am sorry that I have been unable to post anything for the past few days to this site
or for that matter, any of our other sites. At some point this year, we had to shut
down everything and completely redo our computer systems. We use five main
computers that talk to each other and making backup files, necessary for us to do
the upgrades, for all of our video projects took a lot of time and effort. We have
added one new computer that is as fast as they make them (when I say make them I
mean make components because all of our computers are custom built) and
upgraded several things in the other five. This was required mainly because of our
move into Hi Definition professional video. The bottom line to editing hi-def versus
standard video is that it takes about six times as much processor speed and
storage capacity as standard professional video. Most people would tend to think it
would take a little more or maybe even double the speed and storage space but
few are aware it averages about six times as much.
These same computers store our five online websites along with three others we
have in the construction stage that will be launched in the near future.

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