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Madison River - The Slide Inn area

The section of the Madison River directly below Quake Lake is very rough water. If you
have never been there, you may not know the lake was formed by an earthquake that
occurred in 1959. What would normally be the dam end of a man-made lake is a rock
and earth dam created by the earthquake. The water from the lake just flows over the
lowest part of the dam.

The water below is very rough, fast, turbulent water. Do not try to wade this area of the
Madison River. There is some very good fish in this section of the river and you can
fish some of it from the banks.

Most of the time the runoff ends from about the middle of June until the first week of
July. The river is usually clear and fishable at this point the first week of July.
Caddisflies seem to be the most plentiful aquatic insects. It is basically, all deep water.

Terrestrial insects will be present from about the first of July until heavy frost which
normally starts occurring from late September to the first part of October. I like to fish a
larger sandwich hopper with a dropper around the edges. Usually I will fish a caddisfly
larva or pupa imitation from the hopper. We have taken some very nice rainbows using
this rig.

The other rig I have fished successfully in this section of rough water is a large nymph
weighted heavily so that it will get down in the fast water. We have lost a lot of big fish
in this area. You have to fight the fish and the current when you hook one.

This is a dangerous area. I wouldn't take children there and I would suggest that
anyone use caution. This is an areas of the river, you would not want to fall into, or
wade as far as I am concerned.

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