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Interesting Yellowstone Fly-fishing Business:

I don't know exactly why I am writing this because many of you may not think it is
interesting but I am going to write it anyway. We run ads with Google's word ad
program. What this amounts to is that you select certain key words or key word
phrases and when someone clicks on them you pay for it.

We have run an ad for our new "Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park" DVD all
summer. We choose "fly fishing Yellowstone" as one key word phrase for the Google
ad word program, for example. We did this because our site doesn't rank at the top of
all searches for many key words or key word phrases involving Yellowstone. Neither
does most other websites about Yellowstone.

You bid on what you will pay for your ad to be listed or listed at the top of search
pages. The high bids gets the best placements. We bid $1.00 for each click. That is
about all we could and should pay for an interesting person to see our site and ad for
the DVD. After all it only cost $29.95. Our ad never shows and that is what is

We get notices from Google that we need to increase our pay per click rate above
$5.00 each. Now, of course, we are not about to do that. That means our ad will not
show. That is a big price to pay for someone to click on your ad. Just because they do
that doesn't mean they will buy anything.

If you are not bored yet, then my guess is that you are wondering why it is so
expensive to get your ad seen. The answer is there are many guide services that are
perfectly happy to pay $5.00 for you to see their ad. After all they are selling something
that cost a few hundred dollars plus tips.  You didn't know you were that valuable, did

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