Native Cutthroat Trout
In our opinion, native Cutthroat
trout are the main attraction of
Yellowstone National Park.
They are the only native trout
found in the park.
Wild  Brown Trout
Brown trout can be found in
many of the park's streams.
They are considered  the most
difficult to catch trout  of the
four species.
Added Attractions::
Yellowstone is a
premier viewing
area for bears as
well as many other
species of wildlife..
During your
fly-fishing trip it is
possible to see
bear, deer, elk, fox,
hawks, eagles,
wolves, and all
types of small
Your Complete Guide to Fly Fishing Yellowstone
............................                   .Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park:
Welcome to fly fishing Yellowstone National Park. This
website provides you with all the information you need
for fly fishing the many trout streams in this great
National Park.
A lifetime would not allow a person enough time to fish
all of the water of Yellowstone National Park. It is that
huge, over
2.2 Million acres. There are over 2600 miles
of streams
. The park offers the most water in any one
area of the United States and maybe the world, that is
open to the public to fly fish. The fly-fishing
opportunities are diverse and unlimited.
You can drive in any of the entrances, at Gardiner, West
Yellowstone, Cooke City, the East Entrance or the
South Entrance and any of the other smaller entrances
to the park, pull off the side of the road, walk a few
yards and start catching trout on the fly. Or, you can hike
into (or go by horseback if it is permitted) to some
sections of streams inside the park that are over thirty
miles from the nearest vehicle access and catch trout.
Between these two extremes, immediate access or
remote, isolated locations, you can choose from
hundreds of other locations to fish. Miles and miles of
Yellowstone streams will never even be cast to by an
angler. Yellowstone is that big and has that much water.
The Best Places To Catch Trout In Yellowstone:
Yellowstone fly-fishing is fly-fishing at its best. Our stream directory shows not just
the large number of different rivers and streams but that they are all unique small,
medium and large stream native and wild trout fisheries.
Probably the first question a visiting angler asks when they arrive at the Yellowstone
is "where do I fish"? Any angler could spill off a list of streams but the list would vary
from angler to another. Consider this fact one more time. The Yellowstone National
Park is over 2.2 million acres. There are over two thousand six hundred miles of
streams that supports trout.
There are about a thousand streams.
You also must consider that stream conditions are subject to change with time.
Streams that have a high population of trout one year may not the next. Mother nature
can drastically change the trout's environment and can do so very quickly. A drought
condition, lack of snowfall or a flood can change the trout population of a stream in a
very short time. Also consider that when the trout population in a given stream
becomes low, the average size of the fish in the stream usually  increases.
Yellowstone's Trout:
In our opinion, the Yellowstone National Park's main
fly fishing attraction is its native Yellowstone Cutthroat
Trout. This is the only native species of trout in the
Wild, stream-bred rainbow, brown and brook
trout also thrive in the park's numerous streams.
The typical trout in Yellowstone headwater streams
are comparatively small. Some may think that the
small size is a product of the park but if they have
taken the time to fish other
freestone streams in the
Western United States where there isn't any stocked
trout, only wild or native fish, then they found that
small trout are typical of any  headwater mountain
stream. One reason is the
PH of the water.
The Best Time To Fish Yellowstone:
The fishing season at Yellowstone National Park
runs from the last Saturday of May through and
including the first Sunday of November. There are
specific area exceptions. There isn't a "best time" to
fish during this season.
Trout can be taken
throughout the season.
To often, fly-fishing in the park (and everywhere else
for that matter) is characterized as poor, good or
excellent when it should be characterized as difficult,
average or easy.
Wild  Rainbow Trout
The rainbow trout is a common
trout in the park. They prefer the
cool, fast flowing water that is
found in almost all of  the
park's freestone streams.
Typical Yellowstone Trout
There's no such thing.
Each and every part of every
stream is different.. You never
see exactly the same thing twice.
Wild Brook Trout are found in
many of the park's streams.
They are fun and easy to catch.
Bears, both black and grizzly,
are found in the park. Anglers
should be aware of them but
not afraid to fish the streams.
How To Catch Yellowstone Trout):
Dry fly fishing is at its best at Yellowstone.  It's much more rewarding and certainly
requires more skill to catch a rising trout feeding on emerging aquatic insects than it
does to try to fool a fish you cannot see beneath the surface. We use the nymphing
method of fly-fishing, but not when the fish are rising to emerging insects or
terrestrial insects that have fallen in the water.

Understanding the insects that the trout rely on for food is the key to this kind of
quality fly-fishing. That's where the information and instructions provided in our
forthcoming fly-fishing video -
"Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park" is invaluable.
The video provides specific information on all the major streams, fishing methods,
strategies and techniques.
Copyright 2020 James Marsh
Wildlife in the Yellowstone Park is Incredible.
Yellowstone River's Grand Canyon
Fly Fishing Yellowstone
National Park:
This new DVD (2 Disc Set)
provides over 4 hours of
information and instructions on
fishing for trout in the park.
Angie and James
stand above
the Firehole River
Falls that tunnels this
strange stream into a
short canyon and
along with the Gibbon
River,  form yet
another famous
stream a short
distance away, the
Madison River. Both
dearly love the park
and its numerous and
varied fly-fishing
The best scenery for fishing
Heptagenia mayflies are just
one of  the many species that
exist in Yellowstone's vast
network of streams. Stoneflies,
caddisflies and other aquatic
insects are also present.
Angie Measures a Rainbow
Gibbon Meadows
Elk Park
Fishing the Firehole River
Click on Images to enlarge
Western Green Drake
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James with a brown trout
Early Snow
View From Mount Washington
Angie on the Firehole River with
a trout on the line.
A Full Moon Shines on the
Madison River on a cold October
Fat Rainbows are plentiful in
Yellowstone National Park
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This new DVD (2 Disc Set) provides
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Large Rainbow Trout
Yellowstone National Park
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